Education - What is It?

Tony Blair has banged on about education for many generating an enormous statement using these damning words 'education, education, education'. It is rather easily said and possibly understood by a few but doesn't this change from one individual to another and from society to society?

There are many issues involved defining the word education. In general, is described as going to school, then university or college and thereafter getting a job. Obviously, passing of exams reflects how clever someone is. However, do exams reflect how intelligent an individual is and have we as a society attached a label to it? It needs to be noted that some individuals are 'academically' bright. By this, After all they're enthused by learning theory at schools and look at challenging for exams then pass getting pretty high grades. Alternatively, it must be brought to attention that academically intelligent people may lack intelligence in other fields. Maybe you have thought of that? For example, an individual who gets high grades for exams might possibly not have the social skills necessary for the 'real world'. So doesn't this mean that the studies were a waste of time? Can we must study very difficult and obtain a's and b's to find the title 'intelligent'? All things considered, as we look at historical figures, did they're going to high school? Did inventors start similar to this. Fundamental essentials questions we have to ask ourselves.


For me, as a student at postgraduate level, I've met many individuals from around the globe. From this experience I've learned that just how intelligence is measured in this contemporary society is one thing to think about. From medical professionals to cleaning staff, I have met a range. Using this, I will conclude the way intelligence is measured in society is worrying. People who have degrees work in areas without any relevance for their subject area the ones are constantly being employed for reasons apart from their academic qualifications. Therefore, are educational institutions preparing us for the big bad world? A solution we could receive looking at what's happening around us. I personally think that 'intelligence' is measured within the wrong way. In the end, academic qualifications are purely based on gaining a title which sticks with wherever we go but the brain are continuously collecting information, ideas, where ever you look..from people we meet and have interaction with. In addition, countries where there is no formal institution to show does not imply the individuals that society are uneducated but perhaps more educated because they have to gain skills without any type of guidance from 'so-called' professional bodies which, let's face it, aren't always the most brightest.